Sunday, September 14, 2008

When it rains, it pours, LITERALLY!!

We keep getting nailed with the remnants of all the hurricanes bc Indiana is just in that weather path, and it has been POURING steadily since night before last... WELL it is also NOW pouring down our basement windows and flooding the floor! Oy! My son keeps his clothes there under the one, and they are all soaked and needing to be rewashed. The computer room is carpeted and flooded all the way through to the basement hallway, with rain expected to last til tomorrow morning. Ah happy day! I had to put all computers & electrical cords on the chair so they didnt get ruined or short out.

My mom has a little shop vac I'm gonna have to use to try removing all the standing water before the carpet molds. I dont believe we have flood ins here bc well, it never floods!! lol But after tomorrow the forecast calls for bright sunny skies and mid-upper 70s, so a perfect week to finish moving stuff out of my house to over here at my honey's house, AND should PMS strike, I will pack up all Carl's loser alcoholic unemployed brother's stuff and place it in the driveway, as he was supposed to be out 2 mos ago and for SURE last weekend. When Carl got shipped to Iraq, THERE went THAT plan cuz Terry is just that much of a bum to disrespect his brother and not get out. Heh heh, but then there's ME.... ~evil laugh~

I got up this morning a pound lighter finally, I swear I didnt think that scale was gonna budge for a moment cuz the massive change in diet to mostly veggies & fruit has TOTALLY bloated my stomach while my poor tummy goes into shock remembering how to digest raw food! hehe By next week tho, I'll be well on my way to fitness again...

I folded laundry jammin out to my napster playlists, I'm still trying to get the hang of, my son got it but it's over my head! lol Then once I was shakin my boo-tot (my daughter's word for her butt which cracks me up) I got all motivated to do real cardio (if you count dance dvds real, I DO!!) and popped in Hip Hop Abs fat burning cardio and ab sculpt. I miss hitting the clubs so HH abs and Turbo Jam w/the techno music totally fills the void!

I'm off to fold the massive pile of laundry I accumulated bc the basement is flooded and thus drenched my sons clothes... Ah hurricanes! Gotta love em. NOT! My son will be partaking in clothes foldage too however, I'm beat and wanna go sleepy on my nice clean sheets.... zzzz...

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