Friday, September 12, 2008

A Late 9/11 Tribute

Yesterday was LONG not just bc of all the work I did around the house, but because I had so called "friends" giving me crap on my myspace page a. about my political leanings, which I am very passionate and outspoken about, but also b. giving me crap about the war in Iraq and how I feel about it. HELLO!! I am a military former wife and future wife, plus I have infinite love, respect, and admiration for police & firemen! Almost every soldier/marine/seaman/airman I know who's been overseas takes pride in the job we're doing over there and would go back if asked to. ESP my soldier's unit over here, they volunteered for Iraq last year and are going to Afghanistan next year. I post a lot about what I think, but it's in my blog, I dont post bulletins telling ppl to go read it. They CHOOSE to go read it on their own, but then take it upon themselves to send me long rambling emails about how stupid I am to think what I think and blah blah blah blah... HELLO! I'm not on YOUR page telling you what to think and that you're an idiot for not agreeing with me!!!! KINDLY give me the same respect to keep your shut about how I feel!!!! I am the one who studies in depth the political front, economy, military, and every other major issue confronting the country today, and YES I am a very devout Catholic too, and I take my religion into consideration when I choose who to vote for and what to stand for. You dont like what I have to say then a. DONT READ MY BLOGS THAT I MAKE VERY CLEAR WHAT IS ABOUT SO YOU CAN AVOID IT and b. IF YOU SO CHOOSE TO READ IT, SHUT THE HECK UP AND POST YOUR OWN BLOG ABOUT HOW YOU FEEL, DONT TELL ME WHAT TO THINK!!! Here is the ONE bulletin I did post yesterday, bc a vast majority of my friends are military/conservative/ and or republican, and thus have a big AMEN to everything I have to say!!

In honor of our lost citizens, fallen soldiers, policemen, and firefighters, and those who think "Bush's" war is a waste of money and lives -- I want to remind you after the attacks and for some time after, our government and intelligence agencies swore and insisted there was 100% chance we were gonna get nailed by Al Quaida again, and soon. NOW, 7 years later, BECAUSE of Bush's war, we have killed or captured almost all the top terrorists on our wanted list, overthrew a dictator who revelled in genocide in his own country against those muslims who didn't agree with him, killed athletes who didn't perform well, and slaughtered any who might remotely think of challenging him or rallying against his regime, and destroyed the dictatorship and sypathetic government to the terrorists who helped them in their plotting against the USA, AND THUS FAR HAVE THWARTED ALL ATTEMPTS TO ATTACK OUR GREAT NATION AGAIN and save COUNTLESS American lives.God bless our fallen soldiers, a vast majority who gave their lives for a fight THEY believed in and fought for to KEEP THE REST OF US SAFE!!!

God bless America!!!!!!!!!!!

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