Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Destruction of America

This is an uninterrupted 51-second video of Obama speaking; he's telling us exactly what he will do to the it before this, too, is removed off the web site....

Pass it on...the USA needs a WAKE UP CALL!!!!!This is absolutely shocking & reprehensible. He plans to unilaterally disarm our nation. HEY why doesn't he just INVITE Al Queda over here, do that affordable college tuition thang he's all gung ho about, to train them to fly MORE planes into our national treausures, killing more Americans. NO WONDER all the terrorist groups endorse the anti-Christ - HE'S OPENING UP OUR COUNTRY FOR ATTACK AFTER ATTACK AFTER ATTACK... America world's top power?? Not in Obama's hands, we'll be the world's biggest push-overs.

The question is... for what?

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