Thursday, September 18, 2008

Ups n Downs n Rounds n Rounds!!!

Sooooooooooooo yeah, Carl's one request of me before he left for Kuwait was "honey, I want you to work on being a reed in the wind, a reeeeeeeeeeeed in the wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiind..." Bc I have this, well, female tendency to overreact to oh, almost everything. I am a walking Murphy's time bomb with a repeat, frequent explosion rate. So me being the ever optimistic made a promise I would work on going with the flow and letting things roll of my back. HA! The first test hit the day before Carl left when my tire went flying off my car causing me to careen into a curb and wreck the passenger front end of my car. Then when he left said car started acting weird again so I use the big truck with the insatiable taste for gas. LOTS of it! Then the basement waters (still not dry), well pump, my child support being cut bc baby daddy is all but laid off at his job, AND unemployment ends next month. Finding a job stinks cuz now I have to pick up and drop off kids 3x a day and have no help with rides cuz gma lost her car, AAAAAAAAND then last night my oldest boy I'm pretty sure broke his thumb during his soccer game. I have no money with which to take him to the er ($100 copay! HA!) and all they're gonna do is refer him to the orthopedic, who I cant take him to bc there's a bill for $300 in collections cuz OH YEAH baby daddy doesnt pay his share of bills effectively screwing my credit bc I'M the only one to take any of the kids to the doc or hospital. Mother of the year!! I gave him one of my muscle relaxers (very lightweight one) and went to Walgreens & got him a thumb stabilizer. Yee haa I'm just on a good life roll right now!

So I am trying to stay positive bc on the plus side, one of my bff''s is opeing his own tattoo business, and he wants me to have my massage office in there too. Fine by me, the building is being built in the rich end of town! BUT, throw up a chair and have all those stressed clients get rubbed for a few mins, plus therapists dont even THINK to tap the tattoo market bc those guys NEEEEEED it!! Bent over clients all day with the vibrating gun, hands spread out stretching skin, oh yeah, they're all sorts of messed up. So that hopefully will be my niche, that and corporate & sports. Tis my specialties n easier. So I just gotta stick it out til Jan (which unfortunately is a sloooooooooow time of year for any retail after the holidays, but I'm pretty sure I have a corporate gig on line at a tax place I used to do in years past). Actually once Carl comes home I'll probably be ok cuz he has big bucks in the bank. He was only supposed to be gone for 3 weeks and now we're knockin on 2 mos door. Ah yes, and alcoholic loser brother is still in the house, but i THINK i am just PMS'y enough to tell him to GET OUT!!! I have a great speech all planned too, heh heh. Love those sassy girl hormones!! Well I'm off to do my Turbulence Training workout, I did uber cardio today (umm, getting myself lost in a new subdivision and my butt cramping up so I had to toddle my way home for 50 mins LOL) I'm feeling pumped for some reason, I keep telling myself God empties your life out so He can fill it with new and better blessings, and I'm starting to believe it! Let's hope anyway, gosh I'm tired of a series of unfortunate events!!! hehehehe

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