Saturday, September 13, 2008

I need a Red Bull!! Sugar free of course...

Well la dee da, today is going along swimmingly! The cats have now figured out daddy (aka my bf Carl) isn't around (being in Kuwait n all) so they insist on following me around everywhere, including potty, and wake me up alllllll night sniffing and licking and mewling in my face, REPEATEDLY and persistently... Ok fuzzballs, I know you miss the king of all things kitty, but mama needs SLEEEEEEEP!! heh THEN I wake up early cuz the boys had practice at 8 & 9, but luckily before I got too far we found out no go cuz it was steadily raining (6" so far) all night... so back to snooze'n, which did a WORLD of good for me!! I've been dragging cuz I'm somewhat of an insomniac. I cant sleep when Carl's here cuz of his snoring and flopping around, but I CERTAINLY cant sleep WITHOUT him all warm n snuggly n cuddling me EITHER!! Thank you, I'll just invest in ear plugs and keep my man next to me!

Then said man of my heart FINALLY calls after a week, poor sleepy thing, but the cell signals over there are so jammed he kept getting cut off like 3-4 times. Worst of all, whatever shipment they're waiting on to finish their job over there wont be til end of sept, which means earliest he'll be home is mid-oct. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!! I miss my baby, he needs to be here to kick his loser unemployed alcoholic brother out of our house!!! Plus the bunk beds need to be tinkered with, cuz they're too low for some reason and heck if I can do carpentry!! BAH!

THEN Michigan is performing LOUSY against Notre Dame, and I sure talked a lot of SMACK about the Domers, so hopefully this 2d half brings better playing and less turnovers. Idiots! AND stupid Charlie got nailed by his own player and tore his ACL & MCL, THAT'S golden, and I dont mean Tate!!

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