Friday, September 26, 2008

Ain't Karma a........

So I was ALLLLLL sorts of excited to discover yesterday drunk unemployed loser brother in law is MOVING OUT finally!!! After only being told the past 4 mos...... My supreme joy was short lived, however, when as I was changing from my sweaty workout clothes (cuz MAN didnt that just pump me up to lift weights!!!!) I heard a very loud banging on the front door (we only use the back so I was like what the...??) And a nice enough gentleman asked for Carl...I was like um well he's in Kuwait indefinitely right now (thinking the guy was a salesman and I could get rid of him quickly). Well the man repsonds, "Oh, well that's gonna make my job trickier then", and I was like what? Why? What job? And he said I'm here to reposses his truck, cuz he missed his payment. ONE payment Carl missed, due on the 23rd, and the 25th there stands the repo man to take it back! AAAAAAAND it was only $189 payment TOO mind you!!!! Oy the crazy karmic whirlwinds in my life!!! God is really testing me to have Faith in Him! On a more positive note, things are starting to fall into place for my massage office & health/exercise blog ideas!!! More to come later, I still havent figured out how it's all gonna mesh, but I am being guided by a powerful force - ME!!! And all the universal powers that be..... Amen to positive thinking!!

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