Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Getting started... but ready for bed!

Well, seeing as how it's 9pm and I've still to upload my uber poofy belly pics, I'll just keep this short and sweet to get started. I used to be an avid blogger, mostly on myspace or occassionally on thefitchic.com... and also seeing as how I've spent all summer being home mommy to first: two 4 yr old girls and 2 teenage boys and right now: a 3 yr old boy and my 4 yr old daughter, my mind is just starting to set a la jello, so it might take a few posts to sound like an amusing, free flowing wanna be Erma Bombeck again. I'm off to edit my *gag* before pics, hehe, and FORWARD MARCH towards being all buff n sassy again, ya hear?? Ah if only I didn't spend 3 hours playing taxi to childrens, I could be the next ms universe, eh? Yeah um no, I just wanna have me and my butt stop moving at the same time.......... see y'all tomorrow!


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