Thursday, October 30, 2008

Good News!!!!

SO I think Carl & I are back together, I THINK... I dont want to assume anything until I prove to him I can handle taking care of the house and whatnot, but we had a beautiful night the day before he left. He's in TX now, and I probably wont hear from him for a while since he's always uber busy. I feel peaceful and content! AND I have my application/resume in EVERYWHERE, trying to find a job (since I know that weighed heavily on Carl's mind, having to handle everything that popped up..) AND until I find something stable and secure, as I was getting my hair cut today my stylist (owner of the salon) offered me an on-call position, since the lady they have isn't very good and only works on fridays. YAY! I'm gonna order massage cards again and start passing them out, and trust God will bring me clients to get me thru. Luckily with the holiday season looming, that's usually a busy time of year! Off to order my biz cards now! Yiippeee

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