Saturday, October 11, 2008

Oh YEAH Carl's TRUCK is home again now TOO! Too bad CARL wont be any time soon...

SO let me quote Juju from the forums here for a hot second, and say WOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOO, while soldier boy's return is not imminent I have a big white shiney beautiful Ford F150 sitting back in my driveway again!!! MmMmMmMmmm YEAH baby!!! At least the truck is returned.... Um, did I mention big trucks do funny things to my insides?? Yeah, I could caress that sweet chrome bumper and purr all day... giggle giggle... So needless to say, I had another rockin workout. I was kickin the bootot fasting today after my usual morning multi gran cheerios (I cannot explain the inexplicable draw to the cereal cupboard as soon as I roll groggily out of bed; its like those animals that run off a cliff to their demise.... I'm waitin for the Golden Grahams tomorrow, darn my mother bringing that stuff into my house!!!!) So yeah back to mommy dearest, here I am all SORTS of proud of myself cuz I was STARVING (forgot my water when I went to get the truck then ramble around the mall) and I was turning into the Taco Bell parking lot when I saw my tanning place there, so decided to hit the bed for 20 mins, and managed to talk myself out of that zesty crunchy cheesy goodness corrupting my mind & my diet. I made it home and had a plum & depleted the city water source, then ran kids here and there and everywhere, when sweet mother o' mine brings eldest son home after soccer with a ginormous bucket o' fried chicken.. Ok, Im not a fried chicken fan on my best crap eating day, but I seriously think my willpower was on E after 'just saying NO' to all the mall food then my ever loving tacos, and I swear I swan dived into that bucket and made sweet mouth love to a wing and back stroked, front stroked, and breast stroked (excuse the pun!!) to a big ol greasy fried breast piece - YES! I did inhale some the skin too!!!! I felt so dirty afterwards, ok well a lil slippery from chicken lickin' grease, hahahahaha, but HEY this is the first day I think ever my protein has outweighed my carb intake!!! LMAO!! But I still came in under my usual "fast" day calories LOL. Anyway, the guilt drove me to TT confession where I absolved myself with 40 mins of Turbo Jam and like an hour & 20 mins of 30DFL wkout D (woooo that kicks my butt - LITERALLY! Doing 1 leg ball curls followed by 1 leg extensions is like jello for my jiggle!!! I just have to lay there in between sets feeling my lower half twitching hehehe) I kept gettting distracted by various sons knocking on my door bothering me with teenage nonsense, but I made it thru finally. I will be glad when these 30 days are up cuz MAN Craig you aint kidding max fat loss!!! lol I want my short simpler workouts back that dont take forever!! But I need to kick as much fat off my frame before honey bunny comes back. Hmm, if ever! OH and pull/chin up update.... While I can still only do one at a time, NOW they are getting ever so slightly easier, and I can walk past on quite a few occassions and jump up and pump one off unlike the first day when I did one of each and my pecs screamed in protest so I had to walk around for 2 days all chest gimpy...However, I still struggle with reg pull ups but the neutral grip ones (palms facing each other) are easier. Chin ups are about the middle. Oh so slowly but SURELY!!! I have 2 mos-ish left in this contest, so my goal is to do 5 at once by then. I keep throwing in some hanging leg raises too, I just love those for some reason, hehe...Well my peeps, while dear Abby is lasering the ink off her body, I am adding it to mine and FINALLY get to have my leopard spots tattooed the rest of the way up my back. Gonna get my wkout in beforehand, cuz that's a toughie too, then I can take a day off thurs to let the skin settle down a bit before twisting and turning and stretching it. Since I'll be at the tat shop I'm gonna go now and change out my body jewelry too cuz I KNOOOOOOOOOOOW I dont have the dexterity and patience to get those stupid tiny balls back on the rings, so Jason can pop those in too and save me a 15 min screaming and cursing drive over to spout off about why it has to be so darn hard!! hehehehe I'm off to wash up and attempt to sleep, but me getting ink is like Xmas eve when you're too giddy to drift off!!! I told Carl when he gets back he has to pay for my last 2 touch ups and my angel I want on my other side as payment for all this crapola I've had to deal with while he's been gone LOL, yeah I doubt he'll fall for it tho hehe. Talk to y'all manana!!! Happy workouts to everyone!!


  1. are definitely a shing star for me. Keep up the great posts. You are definitely looking really good so far with the workouts and I hope to see you achieve alot of goals you set out for yourself. Keep rocking and keep posting.


  2. I mean "shining star"...mah bad. :P