Saturday, October 11, 2008

Catching up on workouts and bad luck....

Ok so for those of you not on Twitter, I got a call today from Carl who was kind enough to share with me he got word today that a new project is starting, and seeing as how it's cheaper to keep the team over there rather then pay to fly them home and fly new peeps out, they get the fabulous priviledge of staying til earliest december...and seeing as how I highly doubt they'll fly out a new team during the holidays, I'm gonna take a WILD guess and forecast he wont be home til early next year. So much for the ball. BUT I'm not bowing out of the contest, NO WAY!!! I might have to finally cave and go get my Wellbutrin refilled tho LOL. On a positive note, YES, there is a ton of junk food in my house currently. AND yes as you've all read in my blogs/posts when bad luck strikes I head straight for the kitchen...AND as my track record shows, as soon as I hung up the phone I beelined for the cupboards; opened the doors, stood there eyeballing the chips/cookies/crackers/etc etc..... and closed the doors. Instead I grabbed a few cashews and made a celery stick with my smart balance omega 3 peanut butter. A couple hours later after I bawled my eyes out and dropped off Faith at her dads, I came home and made a chicken breast patty w/ garlic & cheese, had 9 baby carrots w/ a teaspoon of sun dried tomato hummus, and Ok I caved & had 2 pieces of sprouted grain bread. And a half cup of sugar free kool-aid, lol. SO even tho it was a fasting day, HA, 2 in a row I bombed, at LEAST today I FINALLY for the first time DIDNT stress eat!!!!!!!!!! And y'all knowing me, that is a HUGE victory.. heh! So I'm gonna go eat a couple choc covered coffee beans and pound a bottle of water n go sniffle my way thru a workout!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Workout in the books, havin the TIME of my night posting on the forums, I LOVE these people on Turbulence Training!!
I'm not a sweets fan (except when evil Mother devil brings her diabolical home-made chocolate chip cookies here....) I am a salty/crunchy fiend (oooo even better to retain the water with my dear!!) So my downfalls are chips, crackers, bacon, um TACOS lol, toast (oh yeah, I like carbs too, being Polish and all I do believe I grew up on noodles and potatoes and chicken alone...) so on and so forth. Review my posts for said Cheeto addiction... those mesquite Krunchers & Bold Chex Mix do a number on my diet too, but luckily I am starting to convince myself they are just SOOOOOOO greasy and disgusting (or maybe eating the proper foods so much they actually ARE starting to gross me out...) anyhoo, if soldier boy doesnt invest in a Jessica-made home gym like NOW, he's gonna have one crabby rabbit waiting for him when (IF!!) he ever gets home......Wooooooo I cant get off the forums to go to bed!!! I'm starting to get addicted to TT instead of salt now! SO much better for my booty tho, hmm???
Yeah I posted my tat pic on Myspace and now all my friends are like oooooooo ooooooooo you gotta come out this weekend, we'll pay for your drinks, yada yada. They SAY that bc I havent DRANK in months, they know I'll be CHEAP!!! But the dancing is DEF on my mind. Cuz hey now I'll look good in all my club clothes again....

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