Sunday, November 9, 2008


Well, a VAST majority of the online "jobs" are nothing but scams, and I swear I do not think there is one legitimate job on craigslist in the South Bend/Mishawaka area!!!! I think instead I will focus more on getting more massage clients, and blogging or writing for money. I am a creative person with a million interests, why not me? Anyway, it does make me rather nervous going to people's houses to rub them, I've only done folks I know thus far, so to start advertising means I'll get strangers now. Nothing yet from the salon, but I have to get re-licensed first anyhow. AND I can't find my massage school notes, and the health inspector is a real jerk who thinks we're all a bunch of secret prostitutes. NOT!!!! I am making it VERY clear on my massage website THERAPEUTIC ONLY!!!!!!!!!!! Luckily in the 8 yrs I've been massaging there has only been 2-3 men who got a lil to happy being rubbed, and only one who actually propositioned me. Um no, the massage is over now, you can get dressed and leave! I so wanted to tell him, if you're gonna try n make a pass at a therapist, you should at least have a respectable man package, not a teeny weinie HAHAHAHA. I was too flustered to crack on him at the time, I just wanted him gone. So, we'll see how the home massages work. There's a dance studio who needs a receptionist, I'm all over that tomorrow. I love NOTHING more in this world (besides Carl) then dancing, in all it's forms!!!! Crossing my fingers there, tho I'm sure it'll pay pennies but I can supplement with my rub downs n hey, maybe get a few dancer clients along the way! lol OR maybe I'll get a discount on classes, oooooooo that would be GOLDEN. Well, my dear readers, I am off to sit in a rain & snow mix, 34*, to cheer on my son's team the second year in a row playing in the regional championship football game. I'm a great mom! Ha I have a thermal lined sweatshirt and Carl's huge on my lined raincoat to hopefully keep my chillt body warm (I love being anemic and hypothyroid, makes winter fun!) Wish me luck, I dont want to get sick when I have people to rub and a job to get!!!! Toodles!

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