Thursday, January 22, 2009

Master Cleanse is a Master Pain to start!

Ok so Carl leaving and PMS has killed my diet. I am attempting to get back on the lemonade diet cuz it always kills my cravings for all things salt & BREAD, but MAN it takes me eons to finally stick with it!! Like 2 wks now I've been makin the juice n letting it sit! So far today so good, only some walnuts. Yest was ok til supper when I binged on sloppy joe mix & zesty french fries!!! I was stressed about not getting all my offers finished on, instead all my money is being sucked away before I get paid for going green!! Arrrrrrrrrggggg! On a positive note, a guy called about buying my van but I'm willing to be I'll only get $500ish out of it, cuz it's been sitting so long I doubt it even starts, in addition to the head gasket that needs repaired and my stupid loser uncle who demolished the pain job by RAAAAAAAAAKING the lawn mower across every single side of it cutting grass this summer. How STUPID can you be!?!? Well I gotta go check bank accounts again and get a workout in, cuz I've been slackin there too. I did yoga cardio conditioning day before yest, but yest nada cuz I was gone most of the day. I want to stick with my every other day weights and everyday cardio. I feel soooooooooo good then and look bom-chicka-wow-wow!! hehe Happy fasting everyone!

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