Friday, January 9, 2009

Snow and ICE hehe

Well, my dear Carl has made it back to El Paso after 2 days of airplane mechanical issues. 2 days he should have stayed HERE!! lol But I am elated we already got an extra 5 days together thanks to government funding mess ups. At least now I can focus back on my contest and getting the hot bottom half I want! I did turbulence training for abs wkout B yest, the most wicked of the lot. Ok well ALL 3 are crazy tough, but I'm seeing new muscles I dont think I've EVER had before! Like on the side of my hip -- ooooooooo yes! So long as the fat loss keeps rolling down my body and the muscles keep makin their way south too, I should FINALLY have sexy legs, for like the 1st time since.... ever?? hehe

I have lots of job apps in, hopefully things look up now employment wise. I have an interview next week as a school health aid, which would rock being home when the kids are home, but it's only 10 hrs a week maybe, so I need to find out if there's possibility for more bc I have an uber expensive private high school next year for my younger son, my older one starts driving and will be a jr (college anyone?? Luckily he's wanting to join the AF before he goes to school, then become a cop) and my daughter starts private grade school (kindergarten, which us slightly cheaper then the normal grades) and then there's this little matter of a

Did I mention we went in to size my original ring, and Carl ended up getting me one twice as big and as perfect as ever?? Ok I picked it, but still... he paid the extra! SO pretty! I'm getting a plain shiny white gold band with scattered little diamonds around it, so it doesnt take away from my precious.. hehe I also found a plain shiny white gold band with diamonds only along the bottom, which might be good to solder together, so I will ponder this.. THE NEXT 2-3 YRS!! I am super excited tho bc the priest from my old church said he'd marry us (I am still a member, but attend the church for my kids' school now for the tuition credit) so I was worried he wouldn't. Now it's just a minor eternity waiting to find out if Carl heads to the mid-east again or not so I can set a REAL date and not have my potentials floating around in my head! I know the hall I want so I want to book it asap, and with Notre Dumb football messing up half the weekends in fall it's tricky planning. Once I'm employed I can start looking at dresses, I have lots of ideas and a LONG time to look lol. Luckily with these 2 TT contests I KNOW I will stay in shape for something sexy. And my thigh highs and garter belt I'm working towards! hahahaha

Well I'm watching the downfall of major snow, debating on when to go out and snowblow (the 1st time, it will def need to be done again!) I need to hit the store and get more healthy food for the weekend. Plus I have mega laundry to fold and cardio to get in, so SIGH, I guess I'll get moving now. Happy Friday all, take care!

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