Thursday, December 11, 2008


Kinda, it sure feels like it with the current "up" swing in my life right now! First, Carl and I have a BEAUTIFUL thanksgiving together, so close and loving, and just, connecting. I swear I have never felt so a PART of someone, like a half to a whole, then I do with him. He asked me if I wanted a "sparkly" for Christmas, oh how I would LOVE a ring, but I doubt he's gonna have time to shop and have it sized since he's busting azz in TX to finish his project and come home next week. All in due time, I'll take new dumbells with just as much glee!!

THEN my contest ends and I look HOT! Not as hot as I had first endevoured to be, but considering the backslides and "cheats" and total CHAOS I endured, I think I turned out pretty darn amazing. AND I won a 3 mo membership to the Turbulence Training website!!!! The next contest starts Dec 26, and ends ON MY BDAY Mar 20!! THIS TIME, I am taking it ALL! Bye bye booty, I'm gonna be one hot mama in just over 3 mos baby. I'm checking into personal training courses and holistic/dietary/weight mgmt/naturopathy certifications, and perhaps embark on a complete career now, not only being able to instruct people on healthy lifestyles, but train them and LOL massage them if they get sore!! hahaha There are SO many possibilities with this, studying Craig's bevy of marketing ideas, so I am eager to make 2009 the BEST year ever and finally use ALL my talent God has blessed me with to make people healthier and fitter.

As for me right now, I'm off to lift some weights, I'm UBER excited winning ANYTHING, and achieving the hottest body EVER! Happy health to you all, and to all, a good body! hehe

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  1. I am so excited to be starting the contest with you. Let's knock'em off their feet with our amazing results!